The Wood

The wooden materials for our products, come from an FSC certified source in the interest of ethical forestry. Our aim with a more eco-friendly approach is to reduce the use of plastics & non-recyclable materials without compromise on quality and individualism.
Zebrano Wood
Originating in Africa from the Microberlinia Brazzavillensis tree family, and more commonly known as Zebra Wood - it is a golden yellow colour with dark stripes of brown. As a stiff, hardwood with such a unique grain it's a perfect combination and one of the reasons we LOVE it.
Walnut Wood
A product of the Juglandaceae tree, Walnut is another hardwood that is resilient yet very easy on the eye. Usually a chocolate brown colour with an irregular, textured grain, it's one of our go-to choices when it comes to design.
Ebony Wood
Ebony is another hardwood that is native to Southern India, Western Africa & Indonesia. It derives from several species of the Genus Diospyros. It can be brown to black in colour, but you'll sometimes find multi-coloured grain which gives a very luxurious aesthetic.