What is Bio-Acetate?

What is it? 

Bio-acetate has the same strength and aesthetic of the standard acetate usually used for sunglasses, but without the petroleum based components (phthalates). It's made using only wood and plant pulp and doesn't rely on the harmful production/manufacturing of fossil fuels.

Why are we using it?

We want to give people a sustainable alternative to plastic. Using a mix of FSC wood, bio-acetate and recyclable metals, means that our products allow us to shout about being green, so that you can too! 

What is the long term impact?

Not only is the production a more ethical and sustainable process, the material itself (yes, you guessed it) is actually biodegradeable once no longer useful. The material can be degraded and even re-used once broken down to a certain point.

Why should I care?

Single use plastics and other single use materials can be very harmful to the environment from production to refuse. Buying a more sustainable product means that you are contributing and supporting a process that has your best interests at heart.

 So, you can do your bit and have some amazing sunglasses in return!

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