Why Polarised?

Polarised lenses are laminated with tiny vertical stripes (not visible to the naked eye) that only allow vertically angled light to enter the wearer's eyes. Glare is eliminated because the horizontal light waves cannot bypass the vertical filter.
 Ordinary tinted sunglass lenses only cut down on ambient light that reaches the eye, or light transmittance. By their very nature, they cannot block glare. Only polarised lenses can block out this dangerous, blinding glare. See the example below:
As you can see here the polarised lenses stop the reflected light off the water from hitting the eye, so these lenses are perfect for beaches, snow slopes, driving and the list goes on!
Exposure to ultraviolet rays can temporarily damage part of the eye, and this can occur through exposure to sunlight reflected by water, snow, ice, sand and any other reflective surfaces. We believe a protective lens should come as standard when purchasing sunglasses, so that's exactly what you get with any of our frames.

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